Leaf shape2 - Herbaceous plants

Lvs untoothed (= Entire) - from narrow to broad:
Select from:

Untoothed alternate leaves (or rosettes) - by plant size

- Entire leaves - rosettes only

- Entire alternate leaves or rosettes - small plants - to c.15cm

- Entire alternate leaves - medium plants - to 50cm

- Entire alternate leaves - larger plants >c.40cm

- Entire opposite leaves

- Entire opposite leaves - small plants - to c.20cm

- Entire opposite leaves - larger plants - >15cm

- Leaves in whorls

Circular (or nearly) leaves - often with petiole in centre

Choose from:
Petiole in centre of lf
Lf encircles stem
Otherwise near circular

Leaves circular with petiole in centre (=Peltate)

Leaves encircling stem (=Perfoliate)

Leaves approaching circular in outline

Linear to oval leaves toothed or lobed or wavy edges

Choose between:

Leaves spiny/prickly/hoary

Leaves with regular teeth - select from:

- Toothed Alternate leaves or rosettes

- Toothed Opposite leaves

Choose either:     Lvs <3x as long as wide    or     Lvs >3x as long as wide

Toothed, opposite, oval lvs:

Toothed, opposite, long lvs:

Leaves with regular lobes

Leaves irregularly toothed/lobed

Choose from: Shallow lobes (<half-way to midrib)        and         Deep lobes (>half-way to midrib)

Irregularly toothed/lobed - indented < half-way to midrib

Irregularly toothed/lobed - indented > half-way to midrib