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L. cartharticum
L. bienne
L. perenne
L. radiola
Purging Flax
Biennial Flax
Perennial Flax
L. grandiflorum
Red Flax

Linum . . . . Flax

Linum cartharticum . . . . Fairy Flax or Purging Flax

Dry calcareous soils from near sea to up mountains

See also Spurries/Sandworts:

Linum bienne . . . . Pale Flax

Local in grassy places in W and S, esp. near the sea; mostly multistemmed - c.f. (L. usitatissimum (Cultivated Flax) which is single-stemmed)

Linum grandiflorum . . . . Red Flax

V Local as seedlings escaped from gardens or wildflower mixes

Linum perenne . . . . Perennial Flax

Very local; sepals shorter than ripe fruit (pic 1)

Linum radiola . . . . Allseed (was Radiola linoides)

A tiny plant scattered over BI esp. near the coast