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Flowers <30 mm

Cuscuta epithymum
Convolvulus arvensis
Convolvulus arvensis

Flowers >25 mm

Calystegia soldanella
Calystegia sepium/silvatica
Calystegia pulchra

Convolvulus . . . Field Bindweed

Convolvulus arvensis . . . Field Bindweed

Common in S & E, decreasing to N & W and in Ire

Calystegia . . . Bindweeds

Calystegia soldanella . . . Sea Bindweed

Sandy sites around coasts, esp. in S; uncommon in Sc & N&W Ire

Calystegia sepium & C. silvatica . . . Hedge & Large Bindweeds (Note difference in bracteoles)

Calystegia sepium . . . HedgeBindweed

Common exc. Sc highlands; sepals visible between the basal bracteoles

Calystegia silvatica . . . Large Bindweed

Less common than the above, esp. in N, in Sc only frequent in central belt and SE; bracteoles at base of flower hide true sepals

Calystegia pulchra . . . . Hairy Bindweed

Similar to C. sepium and scattered through Br and Ire but with pink or pink & white striped fls and hairy stem/petiole

Cuscuta . . . Dodders

Common parasitic plant (mostly on gorse) in CI and S En, more scattered N to C En/N Wa

Cuscuta epithymum . . . Dodder