Polygalaceae . . . . . Milkworts

Polygala . . . . . Milkworts

Flowers can vary from pink to blue, purple, mauve or white. The two common spp. are:

Polygala vulgaris . . . . Common milkwort

Common throughout BI; has >10 flowers on each stalk and all alternate leaves

Polygala serpyllifolia . . . . Heath milkwort

Common on heath/grassland throughout BI (though less so in E Anglia); usually has <10 flowers/raceme and lower stem lvs are opposite

Two rarer spp. occur: P. amarella (Dwarf milkwort) with small fls (2-5 mm) local on N downs in Kent and limestone in N En, and P. calcarea (Chalk milkwort) local on chalk in S En