Valerianaceae . . . . Valerian family

Choose between the following:

Centranthus . . . . Wall valerian

Centranthus ruber . . Wall valerian

Naturalised on walls, cliffs, etc, esp. by the sea or on chalky soils in CI to C Br and W Ire

White forms commonly seen

Valeriana . . . . Valerian

Valeriana dioica . . . . Marsh valerian

Marshes and bogs, in S but to S Sc

Valeriana officinalis . . Valerian

Marshes throughout Br and Ire

Valeriana pyrenaica . . Pyrenean Valerian

Naturalised in N & W Br

Valerianella . . . . Cornsalad

Early flowering, largely disappearing by June; They key difference between spp. is the fruit - smooth (V. locusta) on L, or with clear groove (V. carinata) on R. (several other rare spp. are recognised)

Valerianella carinata . . Keeded cornsalad

Common CI, SE Ire a Br from Manchester S

Valerianella locusta . . Common cornsalad

Throughout BI, further N than V. carinata (pic.3 - by Colin Hutchinson)