Plumbaginaceae . . . . . Thrift or Sea Pink family

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Armeria . . . . . Thrifts or Sea Pinks

Armeria maritima
Armeria arenaria
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Alpine Catchfly
           Alpine Catchfly
Sea Pink or Thrift
Jersey thrift
Silene suecica

Note that Jersey Thrift flowers much later than common Thrift (Aug vs June)

Armeria maritima . . . Thrift

A predominantly coastal plant, but slightly different forms occur on mountains, esp. on serpentine soils - see 4th image of alpine form from Meikle Kilrannoch (subsp. alpina)

Armeria arenaria . . . Jersey Thrift

Rare on fixed dunes in W & S Jersey, and naturalised in a few other places
N.B. taller and later flowering than A. maritima

Limonium . . . Sea-lavenders

Stace, 2019 divides Limonium into at least 8 BI spp. with L. binervosum agg. further divided
Limonium vulgare
Limonium normannicum
Limonium binervosum
Limonium auriculae-ursifolium
Common Sea-lavender
Alderney Sea-lavender
Rock Sea-lavender
Broad-leaved Sea-lavender

Limonium humile
Lax-flowered Sea-lavender

Limonium binervosum . . . Rock Sea-lavender

1 -3 obvious veins along leaf; widespread on coasts of S to C Br (e.g. SE Jersey)(NB often divided into many subsp.)

Limonium humile . . . . Lax-flowered Sea-lavender

Note red point on leaves; local on coasts in Br N to C Sc, more frequent in Ire

Limonium normannicum . . . . Alderney Sea-lavender

Leaves with 3-5 lateral veins; rare on coastal rocks/dunes in Alderney and Jersey (St Ouens)

Limonium vulgare . . . . Common Sea-lavender

Leaves pinnately veined; locally common on muddy saltmarshes CI to C Sc; St Catherines, Jersey

Other spp. include:

Limonium auriculae-ursifolium . . . . Broad-leaved Sea-lavender

Lvs with 5-7 obvious veins; rare on rocks in Jersey at Plemont point