Leaf shape3 - Herbaceous plants

Shallowly palmate - radiating lobes not divided to midrib

Palmate - deeply divided into radiating lobes

Deeply divided into three major leaflets (ternate)

3 leaflets - entire (or v. small teeth)

3 leaflets - toothed/lobed

3 leaflets - further subdivided

Palmate with leaflets entire (or v. small teeth)

Palmate with lflets toothed or lobed

Doubly (or more) palmately/ternately lobed

Once-pinnate leaves

Choose from:    Leaflets entire ,    or leaflets variously lobed or toothed

Deeply divided, doubly pinnate leaves

Deeply divided, triply pinnate leaves

Succulent leaves

Strongly white or silvery leaves

Saprophytic plants - no chlorophyll