Papaveraceae . . . . Poppies

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Yellow (orange) flowers - choose nearest:

Pink/red/purple flowers - choose nearest:

Papaver rhoeas
Papaver somniferum

White flowers - choose nearest:

Ceratocapnos claviculata
Ceratocapnos claviculata
Fumaria capreolata

Ceratocapnos . . . . Climbing Corydalis

Ceratocapnos claviculata . . . . Climbing Corydalis

Native in shady places throughout Br, local in SE Ire; tendrils on lvs

Chelidonium . . . . . Greater Celandine

Chelidonium majus . . . . Greater Celandine

Throughout BI, esp. near old buildings; sometimes fls double

Eschscholzia . . . . . Californian Poppy

Eschscholzia californica . . . . Californian Poppy

Naturalised in a number of places - often in wildflower mixes

Fumaria . . . . . Fumitories

Note there are many fumitories which are variable and hard to distinguish. Key features include size of flower (> or < 9mm); size and shape of sepals; whether lower petal is parallel-sided; and shape/surface of fruit and whether fruit stalk curves.

Fls <9mm

F. officinalis
F. densiflora
F. parviflora
Also F. Vaillantii
Common Fumitory
Dense-flowered Fumitory
Fine-lvd Fumitory

Fls >9mm

F. capreolata
F. muralis
F. bastardii
bastardii vs muralis
White Ramping-fumitory
Common Ramping-fumitory
Tall Ramping-fumitory
Tall vs Common

F. occidentalis
F. purpurea
Purple vs. Western
Western Ramping-fumitory
Purple Ramping-fumitory
Purple vs. Western

Fumaria bastardii . . . . Tall Ramping-fumitory

Arable and waste ground esp. in S & W BI; fls 9-11 mm, similar to F. muralis but has lower petal parallel-sided and fruits rough surfaced when dry and large sepals with sharp forward-pointing teeth all round

Fumaria capreolata . . . . White Ramping-fumitory

BI, esp. in S & W and nr coasts, arable and waste ground; fls 10-12 mm, curved fruit stalks

Fumaria densiflora . . . . Dense-flowered Fumitory

Sepals c.2-3 mm; flowers 6-7 mm; local, mostly SE En and CE Sc

Fumaria occidentalis . . . . Western Ramping-fumitory

Fls 12-14 mm, lower petal broad parallel margins, uncommon in Cornwall and Scilly

Fumaria muralis . . . . Common Ramping-fumitory

The commonest fumitory (exc. in E En); flowers 9-11 mm; lower petal usually slightly spoon-shaped, fruits smooth; sepals large (c.5mm) with few backward teeth

Fumaria purpurea . . . . Purple Ramping-fumitory

Fruiting pedicels erectish, upper petal erect hiding tip, rare and sparsely scattered over BI
Comparison with F. occidentalis

Fumaria officinalis . . . . Common Fumitory

Common (the commonest sp in S & E); fls 6-9 mm, fruits flattened at tip on straight stalk with much shorter bracts;

Other spp. include:

Fumaria parviflora . . . . Fine-leaved Fumitory

Uncommon in SE & NE En esp. on chalk; fls 5-6 mm, lvs narrow channelled

F. purpurea (Purple Ramping-fumitory) uncommon, scattered across BI; fls 10-13 mm, large sepals and edges of upper petal folded up
F. vaillantii (Few-flowered Fumitory) uncommon, largely on chalk in SE & NE En; fls 5-6 mm, sepals small (<1mm)
Other v. local spp. include
F. reuteri (Martin's Ramping-fumitory) rare in New Forest area; and F. occidentalis (Western Ramping-fumitory) in SW En & Scilly

Glaucium . . . . . Horned Poppy

Glaucium flavum . . . . Horned Poppy

Local on coastal shingle

Meconopsis . . . . . Welsh Poppy

see Papaver cambricum

Papaver . . . . . Poppies

Poppies ~ Choose between:

Papaver setiferum
Papaver rhoeas
Papaver dubium
Papaver somniferum
Oriental Poppy
Long-headed Poppy
Opium Poppy

Papaver atlanticum
Papaver cambricum
Atlas Poppy
Welsh Poppy

Papaver atlanticum . . . . Atlas Poppy

Similar to P. dubium, but usually more orange and fruit widest at tip; scattered in Br to C Sc

Papaver cambricum (=Meconopsis cambrica). . . . . Welsh Poppy

Shady places in hilly country, esp. in Wales and SW, though also widely escaped from gardens

Papaver dubium . . . . Long-headed Poppy

Similar to P. rhoeas, but usually paler and with long hairless fruit a white erect hairs on low stem

Papaver rhoeas . . . . Poppy

Similar to P. dubium, but usually darker and with near spherical hairless fruit and pinkish erect hairs on stem

Papaver setiferum (was P. pseudoorientale) . . . . Oriental Poppy

Common in gardens and widely naturalised; 4th pic. poss. hybrid

P. orientale is similar with unblotched petals

Papaver somniferum . . . . Opium Poppy

Bluish-white smooth surfaced annual, exudes milky sap when cut, widely occurring as a garden escape

Two other poppies that can be encountered have bristles on the capsule: the generally deep red Rough Poppy (P. hybridum) - esp. on chalk in S & E En, and long-fruited Prickly Poppy (Roemeria argemone) - a scattered cornfield weed, esp. in the E

Pseudofumaria . . . . . Yellow Corydalis

Note that Pseudofumaria has branched stems; the related Corydalis has simple stems with white - purple flowers

Pseudofumaria lutea . . . . Yellow Corydalis

Commonly naturalised on walls throughout BI

Lvs can possibly be confused with the fern Adiantum capillus-veneris (Maidenhair):