Primulaceae . . . . . Primrose family

Choose by flower colour from White,   Pink/red/blue,  or  Yellow/Orange:

White Primulaceae - choose nearest:

Chickweed wintergreen
Water violet

Pink/red (& blue) Primulaceae - choose:

Bog pimpernel
Sea milkwort
Scarlet pimpernel
Blue pimpernel

Scottish primrose
Bird's eye primrose

Yellow Primulaceae - choose:

Creeping Jenny (NB sepals)
Yellow pimpernel
Garden loosestrife
Yellow loosestrife

Tufted loosestrife
Fringed Loosestrife

Himalayan cowslip
Candelabra primrose
Fringed Loosestrife

Anagallis . . . . . Pimpernels

see Lysimachia

Centunculus . . . Chaffweed

See Lysimachia

Cyclamen . . . . . Cyclamen or Sowbread

Cyclamen hederifolia . . . . . Cyclamen

Glaux . . . Sea milkwort

see Lysimachia maritima

Hottonia . . . . . Water violet

Hottonia palustris . . . . Water violet

In ponds esp. in En, N Wa and C Ire (Photo 1 from Wikimedia)

Lysimachia . . . . Loosestrifes and pimpernels

Lysimachia arvensis (=Anagallis arvensis) . . . . Scarlet pimpernel

A common weed

Lysimachia ciliata . . . Fringed loosestrife

Uncommonly naturalised esp. N EN, Sc, Ire

Lysimachia europaea (=Trientalis europaea) . . . . Chickweed wintergreen

On heather moors and open pine woods, esp. in Sc

Lysimachia foemina (=Anagallis arvensis ssp. foemina) . . . . Blue pimpernel

Scattered, mostly in S half of Br; this does not have the globular cells at the end of petal hairs of blue forms of L. arvensis (shown in pics 2 & 3)

Lysimachia maritima (=Glaux maritima) . . . . Sea milkwort

Saltmarshes round coasts of BI

Lysimachia minima (was Centunculus minimus) . . . Chaffweed

A tiny plant; on bare, damp sandy ground on heaths and tracks, esp. in W

See other tiny plants:

Blinks Herniaria Allseed

Lysimachia nemorum . . . Yellow pimpernel


Lysimachia nummularia . . . Creeping jenny

Damp shady places; note the large triangular sepals and rounded leaves

Lysimachia punctata . . . Garden loosestrife

NB Corolla lobes glandular-hairy at margins and calyx teeth uniformly green (cf. L. vulgaris)

Also L. ciliata (Fringed loosestrife), with flower stalks >2 cm, and hairless leaves and calyx; a rare garden escape in N En and Sc; also L. terrestris (Lake loosestrife) rare in lake district, any fls in terminal raceme

Lysimachia tenella (=Anagallis tenella). . . Bog pimpernel

Common in marshy areas but less so in E Sc and C En

Lysimachia thyrsiflora . . . Tufted loosestrife

Local from N En to C Sc in wet places

Lysimachia vulgaris . . . Yellow loosestrife

NB Corolla lobes hairless at margins and calyx teeth with orange margins (cf L. punctata)

Primula . . . . Primroses

Primula farinosa . . . Bird's eye primrose

Local, but often frequent where it occurs on damp grassy areas in N En

Primula scotica . . . Scottish primrose

A very tiny plant; Confined to grassy places near the sea on N coast of Sc and Orkney

Primula elatior . . . Oxlip

Flowers turned to one side, clear yellow petals (no orange streaks); naturally only on boulder clay Bucks, to Suffolk & Essex

Primula veris . . . Cowslip

Has up to 30 flowers/head with orange streaks in flower

Primula vulgaris . . . Primrose

Flowers winter-spring in shady areas

Primula x polyantha . . . Primrose x cowslip cross

A number of other garden candelabra spp. and 'auriculas' sometimes persist out of gardens, these include:
P. florindae
P. florindae
P. bulleyana
P. bulleyana
Tibetan cowslip
Tibetan cowslip
Candelabra primrose
Candelabra primrose

Samolus . . . Brookweed

Samolus valerandi . . . Brookweed

By streams by the sea except N & E Sc

Trientalis . . . Chickweed wintergreen

See Lysimachia europaea