Hypericaceae . . . . St. John's Worts

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Plants with hairy stems and leaves:

Herbs with hairless stems and leaves

Woody plants/small shrubs:

Hypericum . . . St. John's-worts

Hypericum androsaemum . . . Tutsan

Flowers c.2cm; 3 styles (c.f. 5-8 cm fls and 5 styles in H. calycinum, Rose-of-Sharon)

Hypericum calcynum . . . . Rose-of-Sharon

A woody plant, much planted and scattered through UK; <60 cm, little branched, fls > 5cm, sepals = petals

Other woody spp. include: Hypericum forrestii (Forrest's Tutsan) is taller, non-suckering with unridged stems; scattered escape across BI. Hypericum xylosteifolium (Turkish Tutsan) is a thicket-forming shrub

Hypericum elodes . . . Marsh St. John's-wort

A marsh plant; very hairy with very pale trumpet-shaped flowers

Hypericum hircinum . . . . . Stinking Tutsan

To about 1.5 m; A garden escape naturalised throughout BI exc. N Sc

Hypericum hirsutum . . . Hairy St. John's-wort

Hairy stem and leaves; sepals (and pale yellow petals) with stalked black dots

Hypericum humifusum . . . Trailing St. John's-wort

A slender plant with sepals unequal (3 large and 2 small)

Hypericum linariifolium . . . Toadflax-leaved St. John's-wort

Rare in CI, SW En and Wa; black glands at edge of lvs and stalked on sepals

Hypericum maculatum . . . Imperforate St. John's-wort

Distinguished by leaves with square stems, no "holes" when looking to the light, and many black glands on leaves and petals

Hypericum perforatum . . . Perforate St. John's-wort

Note clear spots in leaves when viewed against the light, round stems with 2 lines of hairs; lvs with black glands

Hypericum pulchrum . . . Slender St. John's-wort

Lvs widest at base, without black glands

Hypericum tetrapterum . . . Square-stalked St. John's-wort

In wet meadows and riverbanks; lvs with transparent glands; stems winged; petals not red-tinged

Hypericum x desetangsii . . . Des Etang's St John's-wort

Two winged and 2 lesser ridges on stems; scattered in woodland/grassland across Br, rare in Ire

Hypericum x inodorum . . . Tall Tutsan

Widely planted, but unusual as an escape; much branched shrub to 2.5 m with 2-ridged stems

Other Hypericum spp. include H. montanum (Pale St John's-wort) no black dots on petals, on Alkaline soil En & Wa and the rather rare Wavy St. John's wort H. undulatum (in SW En and W Wa)