Lentibulariaceae . . . . . Butterworts & bladderworts

Pinguicula . . . .Butterworts

Pinguicula vulgaris . . . . Common Butterwort

Common in bogs, esp. on mountains in N & W Br and Ire

Pinguicula grandiflora . . . . Large-flowered Butterwort

Locally common in SW Ireland

Pinguicula lusitanica . . . . Pale Butterwort

Rather local in Ire, N & W Scotland, SW En, v. scattered elsewhere

Utricularia . . . . Bladderworts

There are several similar spp. (mostly rare or local) but these are difficult distinguish - especially without flowers. Here we separate into the 3 main groups.
Bladders on separate shoots
Two types of shoot
One type of shoot
Teeth with bristles on lf edge
No teeth with bristles on lf edge
Teeth with bristles on lf edge

Utricularia minor agg. . . . . Lesser Bladderwort

Commonest in N & W Br and Ire, almost absent C, S & E En (exc. E.Anglia and Hants); lvs without bristled teeth, the most common flowering sp.

Utricularia intermedia agg. . . . . Intermediate Bladderwort

Rather local in W & N Sc and in Ire, but rarely flowering in Br; bladders mostly on separate shoots to green lvs; leaves toothed. Agg. includes U. intermedia, U. stygia and the commonest, U. ochroleuca (Pale Bladderwort)

Utricularia vulgaris agg. . . . . Greater Bladderwort

These tend to be unrooted floating plants; all bladders on green shoots. Includes two similar spp. U. vulgaris (esp. on base-rich sites) and U. australis (on acid sites)