Malvaceae . . . . Mallows

Other genera that may occur as casuals or garden-escapes include: Abutilon, Hibiscus, Hoheria, Sida and Sidalcea

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Alcea . . . . . Hollyhock

Alcea rosea . . . . Hollyhock

Can self-seed and escape; the variety (often yellow) with deeply divided lvs (pic. 2) is sometimes referred to as A. ficifolia but is normally included in this sp.

Althaea . . . . . Marsh-mallow

Althaea officinalis . . . . Marsh-mallow

Rather local in brackish ditches around the coasts in S Br and Guernsey; N.B. has only stellate hairs (c.f. Malva)

With rather similar fls, but shorter and with divided lvs is Musk-mallow

Malva . . . . . Mallows

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Malva alcea . . . . . Greater Musk-mallow

Grassy and waste places C & S Br; note broad epicalyx segments cf. Musk Mallow (arrowed); often hairier with stellate hairs

Somewhat similar fls are found in these 2 spp.

Malva arborea . . . . . Tree-mallow

Woody stems; local on coasts of CI, Ire, S & W Br

Malva moschata . . . . Musk-mallow

Throughout BI exc. N & W Sc and parts of Ire; ; distinguished from Greater Musk-mallow by the narrow epicalyx segments (arrowed); straight hairs only

Somewhat similar fls are found in these 2 spp.:

Malva neglecta . . . . Dwarf Mallow

Frequent on waste ground in CI and C & S Br, scattered elsewhere; petals 9-13mm

Malva multiflora . . . . Lesser Tree-mallow

Locally frequent on waste ground near the sea in CI and Scillies (previously M. pseudolavatera or Lavatera cretica)

Malva sylvestris . . . . Common Mallow

Throughout lowland En, Wa and CI, uncommon elsewhere

Other uncommon small-fld mallows include M. parviflora (Least Mallow) with petals <5mm, and M. pusilla (Small Mallow) which has fruit stalks >1cm; a number of other spp. can occur as casuals

Tilia . . . . . Lime

Note - all Tilia spp. widely planted; large leaved lime (T. platyphyllos) has leaves hairy on underside, hairy young twigs and ribbed fruits

Tilia cordata . . . . . Small-leaved Lime

Leaves less than c.5cm; Widely planted, but locally common as native in C En and Wa

Tilia x europaea . . . . . Common Lime

Widely planted, but native in a few places