Urticaceae . . . . Nettle family

Choose from the following:


Parietaria judaica . . . Pellitory-of-the-wall

On walls, rocks and hedgebanks exc. NW Ire and N & W Sc


Soleirolia soleirolii . . . Mother-of-thousands

Frequent in S En and CI

Urtica . . . . Stinging nettle

Urtica dioica . Stinging nettle

U. dioica has less toothed leaves and longer (often pinkish) panicles of flowers than U. urens; common throughout BI - often around farm yards where soil has been enriched in P

Urtica urens . . . Small nettle

U. urens has small, deeply toothed leaves and short panicles of flowers; widespread, esp. in E, less so in Ire and mountain areas

Urtica membranacea . . . Small nettle

Similar but v. local casual in En is U. membranacea with flowers on one side of inflated axis