Note that many Aizoaceae (dewplants) are superficially Dandelion-like with ray florets and can be confused with Asteraceae. Aizoaceae are mostly introduced from S Africa and all have succulent leaves
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Tetragonia . . . . . . New-Zealand Spinach

Tetragonia tetragonioides . . . . New-Zealand Spinach

On beaches, esp. CI and a few places in S Br

Carpobrotus . . . . . Pigface

Carpobrotus edulis . . . Pigface

Large triangular section leaves; fls usually yellow; fruits succulent; a serious invasive species from S Africa esp. on sea cliffs in CI and S and W Br, Scattered further N on the W coast and in Ire

Plants with pink fls may also be other spp. such as C. acinaciformis or C. glaucescens (if fls small)

Delosperma . . . . . . Yellow Iceplant

Delosperma nubigenum . . . Yellow Iceplant

A garden escape on the coast in Jersey

Disphyma . . . . . . Dewplant

Disphyma crassifolium . . . Dewplant

Naturalised near the sea esp. in Cornwall, CI and Anglesea

Drosanthemum . . .

Drosanthemum floribundum . . . Pale Dewplant

Young leaves with white hairs; also naturalised near the sea in Cornwall, CI and Anglesea

Lampranthus . . . Dewplants

Stems woody below forming shrub

Lampranthus roseus & L. falciformis . . .

Naturalised near the sea in the S in similar places to other dewplants
L. roseus (Rosy Dewplant) leaves >20 mm; L. falciformis (Sickle-leaved Dewplant) has leaves <20 mm with fine point
L. roseus
L. roseus
L. falciformis
L. falciformis

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Other genera that can be found include: Aptenia (Heart-leaved Dewplant), Erepsia (Lesser Sea-fig), Oscularia (Deltoid-leaved Dewplant) and Ruschia (Shrubby Dewplant)