Herbaceous - Greenish or Nondescript - by leaf shape

     (a) Leaves linear and flat or cylindrical, or       (b) leaves broad or divided

Leaves linear, flat or cylindrical - choose from 4 groups below:

1. Lvs absent or stem-like, often round (e.g. Rushes)
2. Ligules free or ring of hairs (Grasses)
3. +/- triangular stems, any ligules attached to blade (Sedges)

4. Others:

Greenish, brownish or non-descript (broad or divided leaves):

Compound flowers (daisy-like) or globular or dense heads - greenish/non-descript

Totally nondescript - usually no clear petals

Tiny flowers (<3mm)

Regular flowers by increasing petal number - greenish/non-descript:

3-4 'petals':

5 'petals':

6 'petals':

Asymmetric flowers- greenish/non-descript