Equisetaceae . . . . Horsetails

Equisetum . . . . . Horsetails

A number of other spp. and hybrids (mostly rare) are recognised

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Other possibly confused spp.:

Hippuris vulgaris
Hippuris vulgaris
Myriophyllum aquaticum
Myriophyllum aquaticum

Equisetum arvense . . . Field Horsetail

Abundant - often as a pervasive weed; stems smooth with small hollow, fruiting stems brown appearing before leafy stems

Equisetum fluviatile . . . Water Horsetail

Stems with large hollow >half diameter

Equisetum hyemale . . . Rough Horsetail

Hollow c.2/3 of stem diameter, sheaths with black band at top edge with teeth disappearing with age; uncommon, mostly in N

Equisetum palustre . . . Marsh Horsetail

Lowest branch internode shorter than main stem sheath; stems with hollow <1/4 diameter; Common on wet or marshy ground

Equisetum pratense . . . Shady Horsetail

Branches 3-angled; delicate often drooping to one side, rarely fertile; local in N Br; 6-20 separate teeth at nodes

Equisetum sylvaticum. . . Wood Horsetail

Branched branches, 4-angled (cf shady horsetail) generally drooping at tip; teeth united into 3-6 broad lobes (fig.3)

Equisetum telmateia . . . Giant Horsetail

Damp shady places, though rare in C, E & N Sc

Equisetum variegatum . . . Variegated Horsetail

Small plant less than c.10-15 cm tall; branches 5-angled; local and scattered in Ire and N & W Br; dune slacks to wet stony mountains