Araliaceae . . . . . Ivy family

Aralia elata . . . Japanese Angelica-tree

Grown in gardens, sometimes on dumps

Fatsia japonica . . . Fatsia

Grown in gardens, sometimes on dumps

Hedera helix . . . Ivy

Note that Atlantic ivy (H. hibernica) is the species in Jersey and Man; and the commoner sp. in the SW, Wa and Ire - distinguished by (a) flat star-shaped hairs on younger leaves (as opp to star-shaped with projecting hairs), (b) lvs <8cm and shallowly lobed vs. >8cm and deeply lobed, often dark green and marbled.

Mature lvs
Juvenile lvs
H. helix hairs
H. hibernica hairs
Some hairs have upward-pointing arms
all hairs flat