Amaryllidaceae . . . . . Daffodil family

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Rosy Garlic
Round-headed Leek
Keeled Leek

Wild Leek
Honey Garlic
Guernsey Lily
Jersey Lily


3-cornered Leek
Few-fld Garlic
Neapolitan Garlic

Crow Garlic

Summer Snowflake


Autumn Yellow-crocus

Amaryllidaceae/Agapanthus . . . . . Agapanthus (African Lily)

Agapanthus praecox . . . . Agapanthus/African Lily

A garden escape, esp. in SW and CI

Amaryllidaceae/Allium . . . . . Garlics

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Pink or red Allium flowers

A. carinatum
A. vineale
A. schoenoprasum
A. sphaerocephalon
Keeled Garlic
Crow Garlic
Round-headed Leek
A. ampeloprasum
A. scorodoprasum
A. roseum
A. siculum
Wild Leek
Sand Leek
Rosy Garlic
Honey Garlic

Allium porrum

White Allium flowers - Garlics

Allium neapolitanum
Allium paradoxum
Allium triquetrum
Allium ursinum
Neapolitan Garlic
Few-flowered Garlic
Three-cornered Garlic

Allium carinatum
Allium porrum
Keeled Garlic
See also - Ornithogalum where fls do not all come from the same point
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Allium ampeloprasum . . Wild Leek

Very local in Ire, SW and CI

See also the generally smaller Sand leek

Allium carinatum . . Keeled Leek

Scattered in Br

See also Sand Leek

Allium neapolitanum . . Neapolitan Leek

Introduced naturalised garden plant esp. in SW and CI

See also - Ornithogalum where fls do not all come from the same point
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Allium paradoxum . . Few-flowered Garlic

Scattered throughout Br and N Ire

Allium porrum . . Leek

Casual garden throw-out

Allium roseum . . Rosy Garlic

Frequent in SW and CI and as a naturalised weed in many places

Allium schoenoprasum . . Chives

Native and v. local esp. on limestone, but also scattered as a garden relic

Allium scorodoprasum . . . Sand Leek

Occasional, esp. N En to C Sc; similar to A. vineale but with broad, keeled rough-edged lvs

Allium siculum (was Nectaroscordum siculum) . . . . Honey Garlic

Very scattered in S

Allium sphaerocephalon . . Round-headed Leek

Rare as native on limestone in Gloucs and in Jersey (one site on sand by sea)

Allium triquetrum . . Three-cornered Garlic

Common wayside weed in SW and CI

Allium ursinum . . Ramsons

Damp shady woods - very strong garlic smell

Allium vineale . . Crow Garlic

Common native in S Br, less so northwards

Amaryllidaceae/Amaryllis . . . . . Jersey Lily

Amaryllis belladonna . . . . . Jersey Lily

Frequent autumn flowering garden relic in Jersey (also in Scilly and W Cornwall); c.f. Nerine sarniensis and N. bowdenii (Guernsey Lily) which is also autumn flowering but has narrower petals and more open flowers

Amaryllidaceae/Crinum . . . . Cape-lilies

Crinum x powellii . . . . Wilson's Cape-lily

Naturalised in Alderney and Jersey

Amaryllidaceae/Galanthus . . . . Snowdrop

Galanthus nivalis . . . . Snowdrop

Many varieties are naturalised

Amaryllidaceae/Leucojum . . . . Snowflake

Generally garden escapes, tho' L. aestivum is native

Leucojum aestivum . . . . Summer Snowflake

Usually 2-5 fls per shoot; fls Apr-May<; taller (to 60 cm)

Leucojum vernum . . . . Spring Snowflake

1 (-2) fl per shoot; fls Jan-Apr

Amaryllidaceae/Narcissus . . . . Daffodil

Very widely grown, much hybridised, often naturalised esp. in CI and SW En. The Royal Horticultural Society classifies them into 13 divisions (#13 being for wild spp.), though many hybrids and cvs. occur. For more details I recommend Mick Crawley's key which can be downloaded from the following site:
Div 1-Trumpet
Div 2-Cup
Div 3-Sm. Cup
Div 4-Double

Div 5-N.triandrus
Div 6-N.cyclamineus
Div 7-N.jonquilla
Div 8-N.tazetta

Div 9-N.poeticus
Div 9-N.bulbocodium
Div 11-Split corona
Div 12-others

Some examples of different types are expanded on below

Narcissus bulbocodium . . . . Hooped-petticoat

Narcissus jonquilla . . . . Jonquil

A very early Jonquil is 'Mariette' which flowers in December in CI

Narcissus poeticus . . . . Pheasant's-eye

Late flowering and widely naturalised

Narcissus pseudonarcissus. . . . Daffodil

Native in grassland/woods En, Wa and Jersey; many cultivars are grown and may be naturalised

Amaryllidaceae/Nerine. . . . Guernsey Lily

Nerine bowdenii . . . . Guernsey Lily

One of a couple of spp. often referred to as Guernsey lillies, though originally introduced from S Africa; the true "Guernsey Lily", much planted in CI is Nerine sarniensis

Amaryllidaceae/Sternbergia. . . . Winter Daffodil, Yellow Autumn-crocus

Sternbergia lutea. . . . Winter Daffodil

Has 6-stamens (c.f. Crocus); naturalised by the sea in Jersey

See also Crocus (which has only 3 stamens):

Amaryllidaceae/Tristagma. . . . Star-flower or Ipheion

Tristagma uniflorum. . . . Ipheion

Naturalised in Cornwall, Scilly and CI