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Plants are named according to Stace, C.A. (2019) New flora of the British Isles 4th Edn., C&M Floristics. Information on plant distribution is taken from Stace and from BSBI records ( Other information is taken from a variety of other sources including: Poland, J. and Clement, E. (2019) The vegetative key to the British flora (2nd Ed.), BSBI.; Rose, F. (2006) The wild flower key, Frederick Warne & Co.; Rose, F. (1989) Colour identification guide to the Grasses, Sedges and Ferns of the British Isles and north-western Europe, Viking, London; Fitter, R., Fitter, A. and Blamey, M. (1986) The wild flowers of Britain and Europe (4th edn.), Collins, London; P. Sell & G. Murrell (1996-2018) Flora of Great Britain and Ireland, CUP, Cambridge; Johnson, O. & More, D. (2006) Collins tree guide, Harper Collins; Mosses and liverworts of Britain and Ireland a field guide, Ed. Atherton, I., Bosanquet, S, Lawley, M., British Bryological Society (2010), The Moss flora of Britain and Ireland (2nd Ed) (2004), Smith, A.J.E., CUP; British mosses and liverworts (3rd Ed.) (1981/1995), Watson, E.V., CUP;


Detailed maps of plant distribution can be found at


Credits for specific photos:

All photos Copyright © Lyn Jones or Amanda Jones with the following exceptions:

Acer saccharum - Colin Hutchinson
Agave americana - Marc Ryckaert
Ambrosia artemisiifolia - Peter Buckley
Arctium lappa - Colin Hutchinson
Artemisia campestris - Roger Horton
Berberis vulgaris - Colin Hutchinson
Blitum bonus-henricus - Colin Hutchinson
Bromopsis ramosa - F. Rose
Bunium bulbocastanum - Roger Horton
Bupleurum tenuissimum - Colin Hutchinson
Calendula arvensis - Colin Hutchinson/Paul Kirby
Cardamine bulbifera (pic.1) - Janet John
Cardamine hirsutum - one image from Colin Hutchinson
Carex norvegica (pic 2) - Theo Loizou
Centaurea jacea and C. nigra 5 - Colin Hutchinson
Ceratophyllum - some images from C Hutcinson
Cirsium acaule (pic 2)- Colin Hutchinson
Consolida ajacis (Colin Hutchinson)
Cotula alpina - Hazel Mitford
Damasonium alisma- Gwyndaf John
Diplotaxis erucoides - Colin Hutchinson
Filago germanica - Colin Hutchinson
Filipendula vulgaris - Wikimedia (Magnus Manske)
Fraxinus angustifolia - Colin Hutchinson
Gaultheria shallon fruits - Kat Jones
Helleborus viridis - Roger Horton
Hordium secalinum - Mike Ogden
Hottonia palustris - @nicolaann851; Colin Hutchinson
Hypopitys - James Kirby
Jacobaea erucifolia - C Hutchinson
Lemna gibba - Wikimedia (Christian Fischer)
Lepidium campestre - Anne Haden
Leycesteria formosa - Colin hutchinson
Luronium - Robbie Blackhall-Miles
Malva alcea - Colin Hutchinson
Myosotis stolonifera - Theo Loizou
Myosurus minimus - Mike Ogden
Pimpinella major - Colin Hutchinson
Sison amomum - (pics 1, 2 & 3) Chris Jones
Sison segetum - Altervista
Sonchus palustris - Colin Hutchinson
Stachys alpina - Chris Jones
Stellaria aquatica - Richard Robinson
Subularia aquatica - photos from and bonnier-flora-electronica
Thelypteris palustris - Roger Horton
Thyselium palustre - Roger Horton
Tilia tomentosa - Colin Hutchinson
Trinia glauca - Richard Robinson
Valerianella locusta - one image from Colin Hutchinson
Wolffia - Christian Fischer - Wikimedia


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